Videos all taken--on web in a week

Posted by Tim on Feb 02, 2015  • 

After three days of intense videoing, the sale videos should be ready to view in a week.   

Download Superior Videos

Big Northern

Posted by Frank IV on Jan 20, 2015  • 

Austin's Northern was sooooo big--it barely fit in the squeeze chute.

Download Northern

Commercial Bred Heifers For Sale

Posted by Tim on Dec 05, 2014  • 

Kevin and Rosemary Anderson will be selling four loads of commercial bred heifers on December 18th through Superior Livestock.  Kevin and Rosemary have a huge Schiefelbein influence in their herd as well as top known A.I. sires.  When it comes to records and cattle they are as fussy as you get!  If you are interested, call Kevin @ 308-458-8392.  The heifers are located in the heart of the sand hills of Nebraska.

Genetics at Work

Posted by Tim on Oct 29, 2014  • 

I saw the best example in my life on how genetics can make cattle exceptional at the Keckler Ranch.  It was quite a day.


Gesinger View

Posted by Tim on Oct 29, 2014  • 

I saw over 100 Zeus calves at this incredible setting with the Missouri River in the back.


Dinner At Bob's Steakhouse

Posted by Tim on Oct 29, 2014  • 

Had a great dinner with this rowdy bunch.


Fall Grazing at its Best!

Posted by Tim on Oct 15, 2014  • 

Download Fall Grazing!


Posted by Tim on Oct 07, 2014  • 

Robin with her marathon medal!!  Her shirt read over 45-five and seven kids.  She ate a 1/2 steer when that race was over.  Beef It's Whats for Marathon Runners!!


New Auction Barn

Posted by Frank on Sep 29, 2014  • 

Schiefelbein Farms and Ulmer Cattle Company have partnered up to buy the Bales Livestock Commission Company in Huron, SD.  The new name will be Huron Continental with the first sale being September 9th.  Stay tuned for some exciting new marketing alternatives available for Schiefelbein bull customers.  The bull sale will stay in Kimball, MN on the third Saturday in February.

Download Sale Barn

Chopping Earlage

Posted by Bob on Sep 29, 2014  • 

Earlage is a big part of our feeding operation.  By using earlage instead of shell corn we get great use of the cob!

Download Chopping Earlage

Scott Ranch Visit

Posted by Tim on Sep 05, 2014  • 

I had a great time visiting with Jim Scott and his family this past week.  Great Cattle great people and a cold beer--it doesn't get any better than this.  Over 180 Schiefelbein bulls have been on this magnificent ranch!

Download Cattle Grazing at the Scott Ranch

Effective in MN

Posted by Tim on Jul 22, 2014  • 

Genex was nice enough to let us use Schiefelbein Effective in the pasture this summer.  I think I saw Frank IV cry the day he left.

Download Frank IV with his friend Schiefelbein Effective

Big Horse Sale

Posted by Tim on Jul 21, 2014  • 

One of our great customers, Denny Price, not only has exceptional cattle but has some of the best horses in the country. The opportunity to buy some of these outstanding animals will be August 3, 2014.

Click below for details:

The Turkey got his Turkey!

Posted by Tim on May 06, 2014  • 

Download two turkeys

Bull and Heifer Videos

Posted by Tim on Feb 06, 2014  • 

The videos for both the bulls and sale heifers should be done by the afternoon of Friday February 7.  They will be easy to access right off our web page.  

Bitterly Cold

Posted by Frank IV on Jan 07, 2014  • 

With temperatures topping out at -19 degrees and wind chills at -40 we only had to thaw two waterers.

Grazing at 20 below

Posted by Tim on Dec 06, 2013  • 

We have always said cows have to be hardy to survive in the North.  Today was a good example as our purebred cows forage through snow to eat in 20 below wind chill.

Download grazing at 20 below

The Big Deer

Posted by Tim on Nov 26, 2013  • 

Bob's boy, Austin, recently shot this 12 point buck on the farm.  Good job Austion! I hope you enjoy the venision-- I will stick to eating my Certified Angus Beef ribeye!  

Download Austin's deer

Embryo Package

Posted by Tim on Mar 19, 2013  • 

A big thank you goes out to Kirby Hufford from Morris, MN for purchasing the elite Schiefelbein embryo package which recently sold at the Minnesota state Angus sale.  1/2 the proceeds went to the Minnesota Junior Angus Association earning them a whopping $1,800.  If you are a junior member be sure to thank Kirby for his support! 

Entze Replacement Heifers

Posted by Tim on Mar 06, 2013  • 

The Entze brothers are offering an elite set of replacement heifers for sale.  These 200 quality heifers come from the best of the Schiefelbein bulls.  If you want to add to your herd, there will be no better spot to purchase quality heifers in volume with genetics behind them.  The national cow herd is the lowest it has been since 1950 and feeder cattle are in short supply.  The heifers will put you in the forefront of the market and in genetics.  If you are interested in these heifers, please call Tim at 320-224-5830.

Two New Bull Calves!

Posted by Frank IV on Feb 21, 2013  • 

We had our first Effective bull calf born. Later that same day we had our first HD bull calf born. Both look great and are up and running around. Look out 2014 Bull sale.

Download Schiefelbein HD

Supplemental Sheet Online

Posted by Don on Feb 12, 2013  • 

Just got all the data crunched and entered.  Now on-line are all the ultrasound measures, scrotals, and yearling weights.  The data will get incorporated into the final EPDs this Friday am... so look for one more round of changes!  As always, call with any questions.

Superior Underway

Posted by Don on Feb 03, 2013  • 

We spent the entire day video taping the sale bulls today.  We started out the day just below zero (-2 F) and warmed up to about 6 F.  We were fortunate to have the younger help to pull us through... Travis came home for the week end from Nebraska and the wrestling crew of Austin, Skyler and Payton were off this week end, ol' reliable Brandon all put in a cold day's work!

A Cold, Cold Start

Posted by Don on Feb 01, 2013  • 

Our very first calf was born today with an outside temperature well below zero.  We were fortunate that Frank IV convinced everyone to bring the bred heifers home a few days early... in fact, just in time.  Although the calf required warming, it is now doing fine.

Seedstock Visits

Posted by Don on Jan 31, 2013  • 

We have had some great people come by the farm to look at bulls recently.  It is always enjoyable to catch up with Todd Sears from ABS Global.  Todd really appreciated the quality bulls from top to bottom.  ABS was a strong supporter last year as they bid over $30,000 in their attempt to purchase Effective.

Rance Long (OK) and TJ Curtin (IL) get the "I braved the cold award" as they spent 2 plus hours going through the bulls today in single digit temperatures.  Dan and Frank IV gave them a complete run-down on all the bulls... I think they appreciated their deep understanding of our more than 850 cows! 

The Bulls are Trimmed!

Posted by Don on Jan 27, 2013  • 

We finished up clipping the sale bulls today... all 300 of them!  The temperature was not too bad, around 10 F today.  It is a nice feeling to get them finallly done.  Pretty much the whole family gets involved.  Mike's son, Brandon wins the "best helper" award among the grandkids.  Now, it's on to the bred heifers.

Cold, Cold Weather

Posted by Don on Jan 22, 2013  • 

The weather here in Kimball has been absolutely frigid.  Yesterday's high temperature was only -7 F.  Today's high pushed up to -1 F.  It is absolutely amazing to see how well all of our animals take this brutal cold.  While we certainly work hard at making sure our cattle work in the feedyard and on the rail, our cattle excel the most in maternal and easy fleshing ability!  They have to just to survive in our conditions... our cows receive absolutely no supplement other than hay and have no shelter other than trees!  Just because our cattle do other things well, Minnesota weather assures maternal excellence.

Denver Excitement

Posted by Don on Jan 21, 2013  • 

I enjoyed the opportunity to represent our farm at the National Western Stock Show in Denver.  It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement of all of those involved in the Angus breed.  It was rewarding to see our genetics sell so well at the Trowbridge Family of Friends Sale... my thanks to the Phil Trowbridge family and the sales staff for inviting us to be part of such a fantastic event.  By the way, the temperature was 50 and sunny in Denver.

Family Visits

Posted by Tim on Jan 16, 2013  • 

It is always nice when an entire family comes to Schiefelbein Farms and looks at the cattle together.  We had Robert Johnstone and his family come by the other day to look at some females and bulls.  In my opinion this is what makes rural American the backbone of our nation.

Talking Bulls with Kenny Entze

Posted by Don on Jan 16, 2013  • 

Always a pleasure to talk bulls with Kenny Entze of ND. The Entze Brothers are among the very best commercial cattlemen in the country. The Entze steers have developed a reputation of being the market toppers on Superior Livestock. Kim and Kenny Entze work extremely hard at picking their herd sires... Kenny, here's the bull data you requested.

Download Bull Data 2013

Vern Frey Looks at the Offering

Posted by Don on Jan 14, 2013  • 

It is always a pleasure to have Vern Frey with the American Angus Assn. come stop by the farm and look at our offering.  We enjoyed the chance to pick Vern's mind about a variety of topics.  Feel free to call Vern if you have any questions about any the animals selling.  Thanks Vern for making time for us.  We know you are super busy.

Genex Visit

Posted by Don on Jan 12, 2013  • 

It was a real treat to have Jon Janssen from Genex visit the farm today.  His insight and candid remarks were much appreciated.  Jon and the Genex group is very excited about how Schiefelbein Effective is doing.  Looks like Genex is eager to add some additional Schiefelbein genetics to the line-up.

Stuedemann Bred Heifers

Posted by Tim on Jan 06, 2013  • 

Long-time bull customer Greg Stuedemann will be selling another set of outstanding bred heifers A.I. bred to Schiefelbein Effective, the $45,000 high selling calving ease bull at the 2012 sale.  They sell January 21st at Lanesboro Auction barn, Lanesboro, MN.  For more information contact Greg at 952-457-7790. 

Download Schiefelbein Effective

Keckler Cows

Posted by Tim on Jan 04, 2013  • 

The cows from the Keckler Ranch listed below are now selling at Fort Pierre on January 12th instead of January 5th.

Tom Burke Visit

Posted by Frank IV on Dec 31, 2012  • 

Tom Burke

I spent the afternoon visiting with Angus legend Tom Burke.  There is no one in the breed more excited about Angus cattle than Tom.  As we discussed pedigrees and looked at the 300 bulls selling in our sale the excitement only grew.  Thanks Tom for coming!

Keckler Cows

Posted by Tim on Dec 29, 2012  • 

There will be an excellent opportunity to buy some 8-9 year old bred cows from the Keckler Ranch.  These cows will sell at Fort Pierre on January 5th.  These Angus cows have a gentle disposition and are all bred to Schiefelbein bulls.  Anyone that has been to a Schiefelbein sale knows Kevin Keckler only buys the very top end bulls.  The market timing and the quality is right on this deal to turn a profit.  For more info call Fort Pierre Livestock.

GeneMax Heifers

Posted by Tim on Dec 22, 2012  • 

Gene Max testing

Posted by Tim on Dec 21, 2012  • 

We just Gene Max tested the commercial heifers in the sale.   To Gene Max test we acquired blood on each heifer so the DNA can be analyzed.  The DNA will let us know the top gaining and marbling heifers and those top heifers will be sold at the sale on February 16.  We have already sorted the heifers by visual appraisal.  To see a video of these impressive heifers click on the females for sale on our web site.

Bred Heifers For Sale

Posted by Tim on Dec 17, 2012  • 

On January 15th at Stockman's Livestock Auction, Dickinson, ND.  there will be 200 Schiefelbein-sired commerical bred heifers selling.  These heifers originated from from some of our best bull customers that include the Keckler Ranch, Red Traversie and Jule Lamb.  For more information call Dickinson Livestock at 701-225-8156.


Posted by Don on Dec 15, 2012  • 

It was great to see so many friends and customers this past week.  I traveled to the Certified Angus Beef office in Wooster, OH and saw first-hand the brand that help build and define today's beef industry.  As well, I had the chance to meet the staff at the Am Angus Assn. as well as tour their office in St. Joseph, MO... what a great job they do!  Last week was a bitter-sweet moment as I completed my term as President of the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Assn... thank you to everyone for your support over the past 2 years.

No more pasture

Posted by Tim on Dec 10, 2012  • 

Download Time to feed hay

Applied Reproduction Conference

Posted by Dan on Dec 04, 2012  • 

Donnie and I just got back from the Applied Reproduction Strategies in Beef Cattle Conference down in Souix Falls.  Dr. George Perry from SDSU was in charge of putting the conference together along with the list of speekers.  George and our operation have worked very closely together in the past 5 years dealing with different synchronization protocols.  I had the liberty to speek at this conference discussing how our operation is able to benefit from good reproduction practices.  There was over 350 people at the event where we met industry leaders, many top notch repro. specialists, as well as tons of good cattlemen.  George put on a great event and we really appreciate his efforts in the beef industry.

Sorted the bulls

Posted by Dan on Nov 27, 2012  • 

We got all of the bulls sorted this week into their own sire groups.  It's hard to tell which group should be leading off the sale from pen 1 to pen 7, they are solid.  Some of the biggest sire groups this year are Final Answer, Sitz Upward, Pioneer, Connealy Impression, Chisum, Efficient and the old reliable In Focus.  They've been developing excellently this year with a perfect diet of hay, silage, distillers, and earlage.  This is going to be our best set of bulls we've ever raised.  Keep posted for some bull data, coming soon to our website.

Visiting Customers

Posted by Frank III on Nov 21, 2012  • 

I was at the Perham sale barn yesterday and purchased some calves from Heartland Angus. These big bodied, big framed calves top the market. I really enjoyed visiting with Matthew, John and the Honer family along with Hunter and Dan Nodsle.

Elba Lizzy 1106 Sold

Posted by Don on Nov 19, 2012  • 

We are excited to announce our partnership on our premier donor Elba Lizzy 1106 with Skyler Martin of Blackhawk Cattle Co. of Oregon, IL.   Our plans are to flush this powerful cow very shortly to Angus and then follow-up with a flush to a Gelbvieh bull to make some outstanding Gv Balancers.

We are thrilled to be working with an elite operation like Blackhawk Cattle Co.  Skyler also feeds thousands of calves on his operation in western IL.

Cottonwood Cattlemen's

Posted by Don on Nov 17, 2012  • 

I am off to Windom, MN to speak at the cattlemen's meeting.  Sklyer Martin of Oregon, IL stopped by today.  It was great to see Sklyer and his wife... been too long!

Zeus is heading to New York

Posted by Don on Nov 17, 2012  • 

Sold 2/3 interest  in one of our premier herd bulls today.  Schiefelbein Zeus will be heading for Trowbridge Angus in Ghent, NY.  Zeus is a powerful Final Answer calving ease sire out of the Elba Lizzy cow family.  Zeus is a full brother to the dam of Schiefelbein Effective, the top selling $45,000 bull in last year's sale.  Zeus also has two maternal brothers in our herd bulls in our pasture.  His dam, Elba Lizzy 1106, is one of our premier donor cows... check her out on our web site!

Phil Trowbridge is the new President of the American Angus Assn. and a great Angus breeder.  We are excited about working with Phil and his family.  Phil is working on expanding the Zeus partnership... I'll keep you posted.

Bred Heifers For Sale

Posted by Tim on Nov 16, 2012  • 

A few of our customers have some outstanding bred heifers they are selling this fall!  

Kevin and Rosemary Anderson of Whitman, NE have 150 bred heifers.  The heifers are sired by Schiefelbein bulls and they are AI'ed and cleaned-up with Schiefelbein bulls.  

Tim Wasem from Halliday, ND  has 200 bred heifers for sale.  These heifers originated from one of the best herds in the state of ND, the Entze brothers, and are bred to Schiefelbein bulls.


Either one of these groups would be a perfect way to start or improve your herd.  If you are interested in the heifers give me a call at 320-224-5830.

Cattle Buying

Posted by Tim on Nov 15, 2012  • 

Bought the Caughey cattle today in Motley-those steers sure had a lot of stretch when we unloaded them!  Also Dan was up in Albany bidding on the Symanietz cattle.  Their big steers stole the show bringing over $1100 and their heifers went for replacements.  Nice job Jeff! 


Posted by Don on Nov 13, 2012  • 

I just got home today from a busy trip to the Angus Convention in Louisville... lots of Angus enthusiasm and optimism for the future of the beef industry.  Tonight, I am off to Morris, MN to speak to their local cattlemen's assn.

Angus Board

Posted by Frank IV on Nov 13, 2012  • 

Congratulations to Uncle Don for just being elect to the American Angus Association Board of Directors! 


Posted by Tim on Nov 13, 2012  • 

Welcome to the new "follow the farm" blog page.  Many of the customers I talk to seem very interested in the day to day activities at Schiefelbein Farms.  To make things a little fun and interesting we have started this blog page to inform people what's new at the farm.  The bloggers, dad, all the brothers, and the two nephews, are listed to the right with their e-mail addresses.  If you have a question or comments feel free to e-mail or call any one of us.  Thank for your continued business and I hope you enjoy this blog!